The Spectral Collection Monthly Hand Dyed Yarn Club

The Spectral Collection was a monthly hand-dyed yarn club inspired by the ladies of horror, science fiction, and speculative fiction during the year 2020. Each month a different author was featured and a mystery colorway was dyed according to an inspiration collage. 

A small extra or two - handmade stitch markers, tea, or other themed surprises - round out the surprises sent to subscribers each month. 

January 2020: My Hideous Progeny (Mary Shelley) 
The Spectral Collection graphic for January 2020 - Mary ShelleyA dark green and brown variegated yarn knit in a stockinette stitch squareSix handmade stitch markers with jade beads and lightning bolts

February 2020: To the Moon (Shirley Jackson) 

Mood board for the February 2020 Yarn Club inspired by the work of Shirley JacksonA classic blue and dark gray variegated yarn knit in a stockinette stitch square swatchSeveral stone stitch markers with an assortment of tea, and moon stickers near a stack of gray and classic blue yarn skeins

March 2020: Positive Obsession (Octavia E. Butler)  

proceeds contributed to the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship

The Spectral Collection graphic for March 2020 - Octavia ButlerA knit swatch showing a variegated yarn in red and orange with bits of blue and dark purple specklesSkeins of variegated yarn from the March Spectral Collection sit stacked near a stack of Octavia Butler books, tea, and seed faces inlcuded with the club.

April 2020: Listen to Dragons  (Ursula K. Le Guin)
 The Spectral Collection mood board for April 2020 - Ursula K. Le GuinA knit swatch of an aqua green tonal yarn with rust colored specklesVintage bookplates, handmade glass bead stitch markers, and a mini skein near a stack of books for the April Spectral Collection featuring Ursula K. Le Guin

May 2020: Not A Romantic (Daphne du Maurier)
 The Spectral Collection Mood Board for May 2020 - Daphne du MaurierA knit swatch of a buttery neutral tonal yarn dappled with dark burgundy and moss green specklesA flock of bird themed stitch markers for the Daphne du Maurier yarn club

June 2020 : A Faintly Corrupt Sweetness (Angela Carter) 
Mood board for the June 2020 Spectral Collection (Angela Carter) yarn club A knit swatch of a lavender and periwinkle yarn with dark purple and bright magenta specklesTarnished silver rose stitch markers for the Angela Carter Spectral Collection yarn club shown with stickers and the month's yarn skeins nearby

  July 2020: Sinister Premonitions (Paperback Horror)

A portion of proceeds supported BOOM Concepts
Mood board for the July 2020 Spectral Collection Yarn Club inspired by paperback horrorA knit swatch of a midnight blue tonal yarn with dark magenta and rust colored specklesThree silver skull stitch markers on swatches of deep blue hand dyed yarn, shown with vintage fortune cards and stacks of horror books.

August 2020 (summer shop break - no club)

September 2020: Witchgarden Flowers (Vernon Lee/Violet Paget)
Rust and purple yarn with brass bookmarks in celebration of the work of Vernon Lee

October 2020: Into the Darkness [The Funhole] (Kathe Koja)

November 2020: How Good to Fight Beside You (Marge Piercy)

December 2020 (two authors!)
Always a Storm (Joyce Carol Oates)

I Have Another Name (Margaret Atwood)