Ex Libris is a Latin phrase often found on bookplates, and translates to “From the Library.”  Ex Libris Fibers hand dyed yarns are bookish, moody, atmospheric, sometimes quirky, and commonly vintage-reminiscent. I hope that working with them will bring you joy and remind you of your favorite stories - or help you to tell your own fiber stories!

I’m Rita (Marita if we’re being formal; pronounced Ma-REE-tuh), my pronouns are she/her/hers and I do all the things to make the yarn and get it to you. When I’m not dyeing yarn, I work as a librarian.


Dyer Rita poses against a dark forest background with her Find Your Fade shawl in a dark and moody rainbow of yarns from many different dyers.

 Though raised in a house with plenty of yarn and maybe a loom and a spinning wheel or two, my first real foray into fiber arts was learning crochet over a decade ago during a stressful time. 

I learned to knit a few years ago and fell hard in love. Learning to dye yarn was an immediate side effect of beginning to work with indie dyed yarn and being overly picky about color and wanting to turn books into colorways, and here we are!

As a neurodivergent person who has had the benefits of a system based around white privilege, I am committed to dismantling white supremacy and fostering inclusion in virtual and physical spaces. No racist, homophobic, misogynist, discriminatory comments or harassment will be tolerated on this site or other spaces.

While I encourage you to directly support causes and direct aid in your area, portions of monthly sales are donated towards organizations and funds that work towards change in social, environmental, and progressive change.