Ex Libris Fibers Colorways

Colorways shown on 75/25 superwash merino/nylon sock base (Solnit)


Ex Libris Fibers recipes are standardized and repeatable. All hand dyed yarn will vary between batches and no two skeins are exactly alike. Dye absorption (and final color appearance) will vary depending on yarn base's texture, thickness, twist, treatment, and natural hue:

  • Ursula (yak sock), Atwood (zebra highland blend) and Woolf (yak/silk/alpaca lace) are gray before dyeing so all colors will show with a darker hue on these bases
  • Bases containing silk can reflect a softer hue
  • Nonsuperwash bases take dyes in a more muted manner. Speckling on nonsuperwash bases will have less contrast and definition, and more of a watercolor effect.
  • The twist and thickness of the yarn will also affect how rapidly dyes and speckles are absorbed, which will affect the saturation and contrast of each color.
  • For more info about the myriad ways dye recipes and processes can appear differently on different fibers, check out this book: Dyeing to Spin and Knit by Felicia Lo (not an affiliate link, just a big fan!)

Wraith Tea skeins are dyed one batch at a time, and are each absolutely one of a kind! They are not repeatable colorways and dye variations are a feature of each unique skein.