It's beginning to look a lot like knitting season

I probably don't need to describe how seeing the first acorn drop on the ground in late summer sends me into a frenzied near-panic state about the approach of cooler weather and less boob sweat (because I'm stubborn and wear my handknit bras all year. What.)  But here we are: mid-September and I am stopping my bike every 10 feet to "forage" urban roadside acorns can dye yarn with that.

Anyway, September has me queuing up a lot of moon-inspired knits; the first one being the Lunar Spine shawl by Attic166 (link goes to Ravelry).

I'm at about the halfway point (and I probably don't need to tell you that garter stitch was invented because it saw 2020 coming) and I'm using the Solnit base. Exquisite Corpse is my MC and Renfield is what I literally dredged up out of hibernation to recreate just for this project.
It's so dark and October-ish and moody and lovable that I added some mini skeins to the shop with a bunch of Exquisite Corpse, in case you're feeling like you need absinthe moons for this double-full-moon October. Renfield would also pair well with Receiver of Memory if you're looking for lots of color.
What jumped on your needles or hook the second the weather turned? 

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