Beastly October countdown (and pattern ideas)

The Beastly calendar was a limited mini skein countdown to Halloween, in sock base or yak sock base. Each box included twelve mini skeins themed after creatures from myth and lore, with one final 100g skein inspired by a heck of a bird monster, and little goodies such as stitch markers (both crochet and knit friendly!), progress keepers, stickers, and treats. 

Beastly Halloween calendar in yak sock and sock

While these colorways won't be replicated any time soon, many of you have asked for project ideas, and I've been gathering some all summer!

Below are some pattern ideas that make the most out of your yardage, but please feel free to make these monstrous colors your very own - you could use some for stripes in larger projects or make some striped socks or mitts, combine with your existing stash to make a giant snuggly blanket or sweater, stitch up a faded or striped hat or cowl - it's like having a full artist's palette at your disposal! 

(note: when possible I linked to alternate sources if you are unable to use Ravelry. Links that go to Ravelry are noted as such.)

Swept Along by Tamy Gore - This gorgeous knitted wrap is written for 10 mini skeins and two full skeins, so you might need get creative and find perfect colors to complement the Beastly set by using existing stash or scraps. It's a great intro to brioche and even has some lace bits to keep you going.

Intermission (ravelry link) by Deanne Ramsey  This crescent shaped knitted shawl uses 6 or 10 minis for either a small or large size, and 100g in a main color. Stripes and simple lace make for relaxing knitting, while you could arrange your colors in a 'fade' or in a fun contrast of your choice.

Advent Fringe Shawl by ChiWei Ranck This triangular crochet shawl is stunning as a fade, interlaced with fun, feathery fringe. You could also switch up the order of the minis for a fun shift. The pattern uses 12 minis and 100g of a main color.

Woolsia Shawl by Ambah O'Brien - Ambah has a number of stunning knit wraps that use minis, but this one in particular would really suit the Beastly countdown.

AdventUrous Shawl by Toni Lipsey - this Tunisian crochet shawl strips 13 colors together in a striking manner, and offers up a lot of opportunities for you to customize the length or width to suit your level of shawl perfection!

Have you worked with this many mini skeins or scraps before? Have other ideas or have already cast on? Share your thoughts below!

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