Always a Storm + I Have Another Name (Joyce Carol Oates & Margaret Atwood)

December 2020 brought two yarn club options and shipping nightmares! Each club was a delight to research for and dye up, and I've been thrilled to see some projects in action already. Read on for a peek at these two very special, grand finale colorways.

I Have Another Name is a dramatic variegated colorway inspired by the work of Margaret Atwood, but particularly by novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” and short story “Voice.” Included with the yarn were a stitch marker that is always watching, and a cleverly inscribed pencil to remind you not to let the bastards grind you down.

Red variegated yarn with blush and peach hues inspired by Margaret Atwood's work, amongst scrabble tiles, Atwood books, and themed extra gifts.

Always a Storm is a speckled and dappled gray inspired by the haunting, poetic, and lingering work of Joyce Carol Oates. Included with the yarn club were a minimalist stitch marker and selected vintage bookplates echoing Joyce’s need for solitude and thought, and her affinity for cats.

Moody wisteria hues speckled with deep green, rich burgundy, and more grays, near bookplates and the work of Joyce Carol Oates.

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