Spring 2022 News

Colorful skeins of hand dyed yarn near books.
Its been a quiet time on the blog and a super busy time in the studio! In short, I’ve filled up most of our ~900 sq ft house with yarn and gone through three hot plates in the last few weeks alone, but wooo did some great yarn come out of it and some awesome new things blossom!

If you've long dreamt of pairing your favorite Ex Libris colorway with a new book, dream no more! Thrilled! to announce that Ex Libris Fibers is now featured at Weird Sisters in Portland, OR. This magical local yarn and book shop now stocks your favorite colorways on Ursula yak sock and Joyce silk/merino sock.

Joyce is a brand new nylon-free, American grown and processed 3-ply sock base made with U.S. merino and mulberry silk - and right now you can only find it at Weird Sisters until I dye some more up. You'll want to check out exclusive colorway Cauldron Bubble, reminiscent of Macbeth and a little magic; it's a swirling blend of seafoam green, moody gray, and lilac with just enough speckles to keep your needlework ever-so-spellbound.

I’m really excited for the new base! It’s totally nylon-free and has a much more local footprint than my classic bases. I’ll be adding it as a regular part of the lineup this fall, with at least one more regionally produced yarn. If you’re curious about the journey wool takes to get to your hooks and needles, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Clara Parkes “Vanishing Fleece” 

If you're over here on the eastern side of things, this June you'll be able to browse a lovely selection of Ex Libris Fibers - and some fun sci fi and horror summer reading sets - at Yarn It & Haberdashery in Columbus, OH! Stay tuned for more info.

and if you’re nowhere near either: I’ve dyed up favorite colorways on Anaïs (single ply silk/merino fingering weight) that’ll all be listed May 28! 

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