Building a Yarn Speakeasy

I've been dyeing yarn at home for four+ years and was thrilled to occupy an entire corner of our basement. Thanks to your ongoing support I've been able to enthusiastically scale up a few times, but the space of our house is finite and the yarn has long ago taken over most of our living space. I love the space I've built up from nothing, and being able to tackle a bit of yarn here and there between other house stuff, but with major space limitations that convenience comes at a cost.

A few months back, my partner and I checked out a commercial space in our neighborhood that was up for rent, mostly just as research. I didn’t expect anything to work out, but we've both been feeling the pressure of YARN EVERYWHERE IN THE HOUSE, and the space was so very close to home.

In talking to the owners we learned the basement of that space was also available and took a peek. While the initial space was just a little out of reach, the basement space was full of potential and just begging to be turned into a scrappy yarn speakeasy! 

The space is a former dog groomer so it's got a lot of character (and already smells like wet fiber) and a lot of little nooks and crannies. Over the past many weeks I’ve been learning a lot about making this giant step, and getting majorly inspired about growing the studio and Ex Libris. (And let's be honest: fighting major anxiety attacks and the worst imposter syndrome I've ever felt!) It’s more than double the space I was using in the house, and will make local pick ups more possible by late September. I'm so looking forward to sharing more as it happens and to what the space will become!

None of this would be possible without you, lovers of bookish yarn! I’m so humbled and grateful to be able to dream up weird colorways so you can stitch stories into your FOs. It's amazing to be writing this story, and I'm so thrilled to have your support along the way.

There is a LOT of work to do. Through July I'll be dyeing at the house until I have the studio all set up, while everything else (dried yarn, photo & twisting, shipping) is all set up in the non-dyeing areas of the new space. It's a short bike ride from my house, but things may still move a little slower than usual for orders until August.

If you'd like to help me accelerate things, yarn purchases always help! But if you've reached the point where your current stash outnumbers your life expectancy (raises hand), if you'd like and are able, you can send some good vibes over on buymeacoffee or ko-fi

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