Lunar Spine Shawl

Rita shows her completed Lunar Spine Shawl in Ex Libris Fibers Renfield and Exquisite Corpse colorways

I knew the moment I saw this pattern that I'd need to knit it in Renfield and Exquisite Corpse on Solnit sock. It's a quick knit and the perfect mood for a tumultuous and unpredictable year: lots and lots of relaxing garter stitch, a simple i-cord edge, and the most lovely bit of colorwork honoring the moon phases.

In progress view of the Lunar Spine shawl near the pattern shown on a screen, and a copy of Vernon Lee's collected short stories, "Hauntings."

I worked on this during September and had a blast picking it up whenever the moment struck. I love projects like this that are portable and satisfying - and end in a giant shawl perfect for cooler temperatures.

Rita wears her finished Lunar Spine Shawl and faces away from the camera.

My only words of warning would be to check your gauge! I ran out of the MC yarn a few inches from the end, because I am irresponsible and never check gauge or swatch. Don't be like me! (unless you just happen to have a few grams of your MC lying around)

The Lunar Spine Shawl lies flat in a candlelit autumnal setting

If you're as smitten as I was, there's still time to join the Lunar Spine KAL (Ravelry link) through October! (If you're unable to view Ravelry, here's the Etsy link!)


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